One-on-One Custom Coaching Program

Specialized Wellness Program with (NBC-HWC) Board Certified Health Coach, Ashley Lawrence

Either 3 or 6 month Programs shall include:

1| Health History Review and Initial 50 minute Consultation

2| Two 50-minute Coaching appointments, each month, for either 3 or 6 months, per payment agreement for a total of 6 or 12 on-going coaching sessions. Email or text support between sessions as determined if needed or desired.

3| A variety of handouts, recipes, books, journals, food or beverage samples, self-care items and/or other materials may be given throughout the program as determined if needed to supplement the wellness experience.

4| 10% discount and/or free invites to monthly special events, like informational webinars, support groups, in-person workshops, on-going courses and retreats related to health and wellness. 10% discount on drop-in studio yoga classes with Ashley, the first class is always free to try.

5| An invitation for a guest to attend the included free monthly special event(s) with you as well as a pass for them to join a drop-in restorative yoga class for free.

Monthly Payment Options

3 Monthly Installments of $229

6 Monthly Installments of $225

Pay in Full Options

$630 due today (Save $57)

$1200 due today (save $177)

Other Considerations

Health History Review & Initial Brainstorming Session

(50 min)

$225 one time fee

Includes Initial Consultation with full write up summary and getting started action plan.

Individual Coaching Session (50 min)

$129 one time fee

This option is only available for those who have completed the Health History Review and Brainstorming Session. Let's talk about you and your overall life satisfaction right now. We are here to listen and help.

Pantry/Fridge Makeover

$325 one time fee

Includes Health History Review, Initial Consultation session with full write up summary and getting started action plan. We will also identify key areas of simple improvements.

Allergen & Sensitivity Testing

Price varies based on type of tests requested


Organized Group Coaching

Starts at $15/person per session

Contact us to find out more

Rent the Studio

Available by the hour to rent

$30/hour (min 2 hour commitment)

Join a Support Group

Learn More & Do more

Tarot Reading


Includes one 20 minute discovery call and emailed photo of tarot cards drawn with recorded link from session.

Dream Interpretation


Includes the breakdown of up to 5 key elements plus a single card tarot drawn for additional clarity.